Name:                  Gyanendra Gadal

Birth Place:          Fikkal, Ilam, Nepal

Present Address: Colorado, USA

Education:           MBA-Accounting, MS-IT, USA

Profession:            Database Administrator (IT)

Interest:                  Language-Literature and Music.

Field of writing: Songs, Story and Poems.

Phone:                 1-720-237-9690 Email:,



  • Book: Collection of lyrical poems “Jhari PachhiKo Aakash” (2013)
  • Nepali Modern song Album (CD), with solo lyrics- “Waves of Memory” 2013 (Produced in Mumbai)
  • Nepali Modern song Album (CD), with solo lyrics- “Pardesh” 2005
  • Book: Collection of Lyrical poems ædnfO{ 5'g] dgÆ2003
  • Nepali Modern song Album (CD), with solo lyrics- “Maunata” 1998
  • Nepali Folk songs Album with solo collection- æcf+vL e\mofn}dfÆ 1997
  • Nepali Modern song Album, with solo lyrics- “Yauban” 1995
  • Several Nepali Folk, Modern and National songs are recorded and broadcasted from national and local broadcast companies like: Radio Nepal, NTV and FMs.
  • Continue writing songs, stories and articles in different sectors covering the area of humanities, social justice, love and affection etc. since more than three decades.   
  • Popular songs:     दिन ढल्यो अँधेरी रातमा............

कुन शहरमा घुम्दै होला मलाई छुने मन......

सागर रहेछ माया.........

सम्झनाका घाउहरु बल्झिदिन सक्छन.........

भृकुटी बुद्ध जन्मेको...............


·        Chairmen / MD, SG Publications, Colorado USA (2013 – Present)

·        Advisor, Nepalese Association of South east America (NASeA) (2013-15)

·        1st Elected President, INLS Central committee(2010-2012)

·      Chair for INLS/NRN Literary Festival on 3rd NRN Global Conference in Kathmandu- October, 2011

·        Chair for 2nd International Nepalese Literary Festival organized by INLS in London, UK. – 2011.

·        Advisor, Federation of World Nepalese Literature- 2010.

·        Counselor, Nepalese Academy of North America 2009

·  Chief Coordinator, INLS/NRN Literary Festival on 2nd NRN Global  Conference in Kathmandu- October 12, 2009

·     Sub-coordinator, 1st International Nepalese Literary Festival 15 August     2009 New York, USA

· Advisor of coordination committee, Literature Committee, ANAConvention 2005, Texas, USA

·   Chief Coordinator, Poetry and Literature Committee, ANA Convention 2003, CO,  USA

·        Distinguished Member, International Society of Poets, USA since 2001

·        Founder President, INLS  Colorado chapter- 2003

·        Board of Trustee, INLS, Washington DC, USA.

·    Founder member, Academy of Nepalese poets and writers, Washington  DC

·         Chief Editor, Talash Monthly magazine, Kathmandu, 1998-2005

·    Chief Editor, Insight Literary Tri-monthly magazine published by INLS    2004-2008


·        “AbhiyanShree Samman-2068” Honored by Abhiyan group

·        Byathit Kavya Puraskar-2068 Awarded by Sahityik Patrakar Sangh, Nepal

·  Dr. Ambedkar International brotherhood Award-2012, Bharatiya Dalit Sahitya Academy, New Delhi.

·   Felicitation and honored by more than 16 literary organizations Kavre district in 2011 for preserving and promoting Nepali language and literature throughout the world.

·   Honored by Ilam society, Jyoti Literary Academy, APEC Nepal, Royal Nepal Academy in 2011 for my outstanding contribution in promoting and preserving Nepali language and literature around the world.

·        Honored by INLS Florida chapter and INLS Colorado chapter- 2012

·      Honored by Rocky Mountain friends on Nepal, Colorado-2006 for literary contribution.

·        Haribhakta Katuwal memorial INLS best book award-2004 in USA.

·        Best lyricist Award by Radio Nepal – 1998

·        Best writer Award – 1995 by Dayitwa Publication, Nepal.

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